Time varies based on design, intricacy and number of designs done in one session

We specialize in fine line tattooing, using specific needle configurations to achieve a delicate appearance. While we are happy to accommodate most styles, we love tattooing florals, scripts, anime themes, ornamentals (etc.) For examples of our work, please visit our Instagram @smoltattoosbyellejay.
While we are known for "smol" tattoos, we are also happy to take on larger scale projects! 


Permanent Makeup Services Will Be Performed By Maddison Angus  @thehnyhaus On Instagram
(DM her directly to book)

Full Powder & Ombré Powder Brows

3.5 hours

Ombré brows are achieved by using a digital tattoo machine, creating a soft powdery brow within a crisply designed outline. The tail is darker and denser and the color becomes lighter toward the head of the brow in a seamless gradient. This option tends to last longer, and is great for those with oily skin or clients who prefer a bolder “makeup” look. Initial touch up is to be booked 6 weeks after.

Combination Brows

3.5 hours 

As the name suggests, this brow style involves a combination of two techniques. Typically, the tail of the brow will be full powder and as you approach the head of the brow, microblading or nano hairstrokes are created. Nano hairstrokes are created by using a digital machine with one fine needle — a nano needle. Similar to microblading, individual hyper-realistic hairstrokes are precisely etched throughout the brow. This technique is ideal for clients who may not be candidates for microblading due to skin sensitivities or oiliness. Initial touch up is to be booked 6 weeks after.

Micro-bladed Brows

2.5 hours

Otherwise known as feather brows, embroidery or 3D brows, microblading involves using a hand tool to create individually drawn hyper-realistic hair strokes throughout the brow. A tiny blade attached to the hand tool deposits pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin; this is a subtle, natural option that creates the illusion of real hairs. Initial touch up is to be booked 8 weeks after.

Lip Blush

3.5 hours 

Lip blush or tint is created using a digital machine with one fine needle for the outline, and shading needles to fill in the entire lip. This procedure adds fullness, definition, symmetry and a captivating wash of colour. Healed results will be 40% lighter than directly after the treatment when the colour is typically very bold. Perfect for reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmented lips and for adding vibrance to pale lips. Initial touch up is to be booked 8 weeks after.


Lash Enhancement

1 hour 

Lash enhancement is not to be confused with eyeliner; this subtle procedure procures dramatic results. A digital machine with a fine needle places black pigment directly in the eyelash line, providing a beautiful definition that makes every eye “pop”. Clients are always immediately enamoured with their results! Wake up with makeup - this service is painless, quick and life-changing. Initial touch up is not typically necessary until 3-6 months later.